Insurance Products

Personal Insurance 

  • Homeowner's Insurance

                 Safeguard your home and property against theft, fire, water, electrical, and storm

                 damage. Protect your personal belongings, even away from home. Personal liability

                 coverage provides protection against claims and lawsuits.

  • Condominium/Cooperative 

                 Address the unique requirements of condominium and cooperative homes, including

                 additions and alterations, special loss assessment, and water back-up. Provide 

                 personal liability coverage and protection to your building improvements.

  • Renter's Insurance

                 Protect your valuables against damage in your rental apartment or home. 

                 Protect your valuables against damage in your rental apartment or home.

  • Automobile Insurance

                 Protect against an accident or damage to your vehicle, as well as from the liability 

                 arising from an accident. Lease gap insurance provides additional insurance for 

                 leased cars.

  • Director & Officer Liability

                 Protect yourself from any claims arising from your participation as volunteer director

                 or officer on a non-profit board.

  • Life Insurance

                 Life insurance policies will protect your beneficiaries with financial stability and 

                 security when it matters most. In the event of your passing, life insurance provides 

                 financial help to your beneficiaries.

Commercial Insurance

  • Property & General Liability

                 Protect your building and property from loss due to fire, water, vandalism, or theft. 

                 Reduce your exposure to third-party claims of personal injury and property damage.

  • Business Owner's Package Policies

                 Create specialized coverage to provide for a business owner's basic needs packaged 

                 in a comprehensive product.

  • Commercial Auto

                 Implement a comprehensive program to protect company autos against damage, 

                 as well as to limit liability exposure.

  • Workers' Compensation

                 Provide your employees with security against injuries in the workplace.

  • Professional Errors and Omissions

                 Safeguard from lawsuits and claims arising from services provided. 

                 This is especially useful for doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers, 

                 and other professional service providers.

  • Directors and Officers

                 Protect your directors and officers from liability arising from their duties to the 

                 company or non-profit organization.

  • Liability Insurance

                 Protect your business when it is sued for negligence. As a business owner, you know 

                 there are many variables that can come with owning a business.


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